The parish of Veľké Kapušany is situated in the East Slovakian lowland between the Uh, Latorica and Laborec rivers. The parish is located in the gate of Zemplín, in the gate of the Carpathian basin, as evidenced by its name Copus (gate). Already in 1207, King Andrew II. it mentions this town just as Copus (gate). The parish church is dedicated to St. Simon and Judah Thaddeus.. The church was built in 1807, later in the 19th century was newly roofed and modified. In front of the church is a bronze bust of László Mécs, who for many years served as a priest in the parish.
In the Veškovce branch, parishioners meet on Sunday Holy Masses. Since the village does not have its own temple, believers meet in the premises of the community center, more precisely in the room 3 x 6m, which is separated by a wall from the community center.
In the town, the church owns two chapels, the newer one in the immediate vicinity of the parish is dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima (built in 1994) and the other on Vojanská Street.

Chapel of St. Clare
In 1996, minority sisters from Opava came to our parish. They stayed in the parish for only 10 years. After their departure, the monastery serves as a retirement home, a chapel that was built at the same time as the monastery, serves today for pastoral purpose. The patron of the chapel is St. Clare. In the chapel there is a Holy Mass in Hungarian language two times a week.
Kloszner Ambrus (1816-1819)
Kovács Imre (1819-1827)
Tresch Ferenc (1827-1830)
Dudits Benedek (1830-1841)
Zavadszky József (1841-1853)
Hollósy Boldizsár (1853-1855)
Szepessy Miksa (1855-1870)
Noviczky János (1870-1872)
Kádas Ernő (1872-1878)
Dr. Madarassy Lipót (1878-1887)
Szepesi Géza (1887-1890)
Pólányi András (1890-1896)
Dr. Tóth Lőrinc (1896-1904)
Martoncsik László (1920-1930) = Mécs László
Stefancsik Konrád (1930-1933)
Lukovics Gellért (1933-1938)
Dr. Szabadka Medárd (1938-1942)
Majtényi Dezső (1942-1945)
Borbély A. Rudolf (1945-1966)
Kocska Antal (1966-1968)
Józsa J. László (1968-1972)
Majancsik Ferenc (1972-1978)
Mons. Dr. Gábor Bertalan (1981-1998)
Bartko Elek (1998-2008)
Pásztor Lorenzó (2008-2013)
Šuško Mihály (2013 – 2019)
Dr. Száraz János (2019-

Pavol Sčerba (1994-1995)
Marián Fencák (1995-1997)
Róbert Hajduk (1997-1998)
Ľuboš Lipka (1998-2000)
Daniel Mišenko (2000-2000)
Miroslav Marcin (2000-2005)
Rastislav Roba (2005-2009)
František Petro (2009-2013)
Martin Frena (2013-2015)
Martin Lučko (2015-2018)
Peter Schmotzer (2018-